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Waiting isn’t easy.

It’s not easy to wait for a ride after a long day.

It’s not easy to wait for your ordered food when you are very hungry.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It’s not easy to wait for your promotion.

It’s not easy to wait to have your dreams come true.

It’s not easy to wait to the person you’ve been praying to be with forever.

But dear, do keep in your heart, there is always beauty in waiting.

You can’t have everything in an instant.

You will not appreciate its value.

You will not treasure your sacrifices.

You will not experience what it is like to endure, to be determined, and to hold on unto His Promise.

Indeed, waiting is never easy.

You may get frustrated, doubt the world, even ask yourself.

Why am I waiting? Do I deserve this? Is it worth waiting for? Will it pleases my Creator?

When you wait, you will see its worth and treasure it more.

You will realize a lot of things.

You will understand more of yourself and of others.

And you will comprehend more of His love and trust more of His Word.

So, please, wait on! Don’t haste. Experience the beauty of waiting as it unfolds before you.

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