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You were the best I once had
You had the simplest joys
Appreciated all of my little actions
Never expected anything grand

You were the sweetest person I met
You always made me feel loved
All I wanted was to be always with you
Growing old together would be a blessing

We had a lot of fun together
Each moment was very special
Twenty four hours never seemed enough
Everyday I wish to have more time with you

Days weren’t always as perfect
You caught me lying but I didn’t admit it
I didn’t want you to be jealous
But I just made it worse

We had some disagreements
Mostly I’m at fault
I regret all of my mistakes
You were always ready to forgive me

At some point, we broke up
I couldn’t believe what was happening
I fought for you with all my heart
In the end, I had no choice but to let you go

I prayed to wake up from this nightmare
Hoping we’re still happily together
Everyday I wake up
But never from this bad dream

I realized that I just have to accept it
Find more than one way to improve myself
Wanted to be more deserving of you
Maybe someday you’ll take me back

More than a year since we split ways
I lost a lot of weight
I’ve been promoted at work
Even tried a new look

You’ve passed your board exams
I almost cried when I saw the results
I knew how much you wanted it
I saw how hard you worked for it

You wanted to prove to yourself
That you could do it without me
You just did
So now, maybe we could start over

You’ve unblocked me on social media
I was so glad to see that
I sent you some messages
But it seems like you’re not seeing them

Perhaps you’ve found someone else
And I’m just a fragment of your memory
Tucked away in the corner of your mind
Never to be reminisced again

You never told me what I lacked
I’ll never know why you replaced me
But like you said, I shouldn’t care
You want to live your life just not with me

It’s hard to let all of it go
When I think I finally did
I tried dating again
Never felt the same way I did with you

You’re one of a kind
And I guess we’ll leave it like that
The best I once had
The one I’ll never have again

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