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Sabi ng kuya ko dati sakin, hindi porket pinayagan ka manligaw, obligasyon na ng babae na sagutin ka and this is actually true. Most of the time we lost sight of the fact na walang kasiguraduhan ang bagay na ito, hindi porket nag i love you ka eh may i love you na babalik sayo, but to you who did try and lost. To you who took the courage to put himself out there even with the chance of getting hurt and rejected. You might be hurting now, you might be bleeding but i want you to know. You did lost, but at least you did right. In a world where most of the guys would only ligaw a person na gusto na sila, i am proud of you. The girl who rejected you might have no idea how many sleepless nights you had just to muster up all the confidence you took to try, she may fail to see and appreciate what you are trying to offer but at least you did what is right. Eto tandaan mo, kung hindi ka nag try you will live in the land of regret and ask the question “what if, what if nag try ako? What if tinapangan ko?” over and over again but now that you tried. She may be the one who is going to live in the land of regret asking herself a question of “what if, what if sinagot ko? What if i did give him a chance?”.  So feel good about yourself not because you won her heart but because though you lost to her, at least you didn’t lose being a man

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