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We’ll begin by leaving old places and spaces..
We’ll get along in the middle by taking in deep breathes when the heart breaks a little for what was left behind.
We’ll pretend our legs are strong when we take another step.
We’ll face the day with a smile untrue, dried eyes from weeping through the night.
We’ll fake many days acting like we’ll make it.
We’ll fake many days because in the depths we know it might turn out real, not phony, but real, unadultered.
We’ll fake some of the days, we’ll smile and manage to laugh making them sound true.
And as you break a curve on your lips and crack a laugh you know whose heart you are freeing..

We keep living on through the bad days,
We hate bad days,
We despise bad days,
We run away from bad days,

The hearts gets week on those days
But the heart also gets stronger during those days

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

When the heart begins to decide
When the heart is pursued
That when the bad days get gone

All the good ones will keep rolling
Just like an avalanche..

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