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I love you but I can’t do anything because we used to keep our love in private.

I’m sorry If I can’t show how much I care for you.

Even If I write thousands of poems, I think it will never be enough and will never satisfy you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I’m sorry If I’m being dramatic lately.

I wish I could tell you everything about me.

And I wish you could do the same thing with me.

But, sometimes It feels like, you’re not interested.

Or was it only me who overthinks?

Don’t make me feel guilty If I can’t decide on the things you love.

You know how much I love the feeling of being with you.

I’m sorry I always get jealous.

I’m sorry I always get mad at you easily.

But then, I’d rather lose an argument than losing you.

It doesn’t mean that I rejected you.

You know How I wish I’m the first person in the morning, you’ve wanted to share how was your dream last night.

And the last person you’ve wanted to share sweet messages when it’s already midnight.

I wish I could demand time just to talk how was our day at work.

But, I don’t want to steal your time knowing you are busy playing games or sharing memes.

You know I always wanted to support you in everything.

And how I wish you could also support and cheer me up everytime I’m not okay.

You know what? It hurts me when we’re cold to each other and you’re still happy talking with someone.

I get envious everytime you’re hanging out with other people, You know how I wish to go out with you during our breaks.

It hurts me when you’re posting picture of someone, thinking that should be me.

It hurts when you can now sleep at night without texting me.

It hurts when you’re on line and you can’t even wave at me.

All these things hurt me, but I’m not blaming you.

You know what hurts the most? It hurts me when I can’t do anything to show them how much I like you.

But today, even if it hurts, I am sure that I love you.

How I wish I could bring back the time when we’re just starting,

The time we used to figure out our feelings,

Trying to win the heart, and expecting that feelings will be reciprocated.

The time you used to explain why you have liken me.

And the time I used to ask you why it was me you have chosen.

I missed your unexpected efforts.

Making me feel that I am so special.

I love how you say I am beautiful,

You know, It makes me shy and uncomfy,

Yet, It makes my heart flutters.

You know, I always wonder what you’re up to.

Your emotions has affected mine, like I also get mad with the person you hate the most.

I feel so sad whenever you’re not okay at work.

I wish I could help you doing your unending reports.

Where the only thing I can do is to cheer you up.

I wish I could take care of you whenever you’re sick.

And wish that I could sing a song to make you feel better.

I wish you could always listen to me even I am not worth to listen to.

I wish I could stay up all night talking to you.

But sorry baby, I can’t even say goodnight to you.

I wish I could confront girls who always get your attention.

But sorry, I wanted to stay quiet all the time even when it hurts.

And also I don’t want you to get mad at me.

Coz you’ll always say it’s just nothing.

You know, I missed the sincerety in your eyes.

I missed your care, I missed your love.

I missed everything about you.

I missed you everyday.

When all of these thoughts will ever end?

When all of the wishes above will come true?

How about you? Do you still feel the same?

Is your heart, beats the same as it was before?

Or someone is making your heart beats even faster?

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