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I know you have your personal issues in your life, yourself—and there’s a lot, I bet.

I know how hard it is to deal with those issues every day when you don’t really know how to even start dealing with it.

I know how painful it is when you’ve found yourself being left behind by anyone or somebody you loved, because they got tired of loving you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I know how hard that is to accept because even you, gets tired of yourself as well.

And yet, you got to understand those people because it’s true.

Even if it hurts, I need to tell you this.

You are a mess and it is so hard to love someone like you.

But truth be told, not everyone will leave.

There is someone who will stay like the way He does every single day.

There is someone who will pursue you like the way He does not only in your best days but mostly in days when you are messing up and screwing things up all over again.

There is someone who will never get tired of you like the way He do no matter how tiring you are and how hard it is to be with you.

That someone is someone who knows not only the kind of love that is unconditional but also experiences it in his own life. Someone who can also testify how the grace and love of God makes him complete even if he doesn’t deserve it, and how it works between him and Him.

But dear, that someone is not yet ready.

Not yet ready to pursue you. Not yet ready to love you.

And so are you.

It takes a lot of time to be that someone.

It takes a lot of time between you, him and your relationships with Jesus Christ.

You need to let Him love you both first until you are both satisfied in His Love.

Until you found out that it is okay without that someone because you are much secured with the love of God that never fails and never gives up.

You are a mess and it is so hard to love you.

But always remember,




You just need to be that someone first.  So that when the right time comes, there will be no doubts and what if’s because you are already sure and well prepared.

For now, respect the process and the timing.

And there will be no regret in waiting and obeying what the Lord says.

The reward will be something that beyond your heart’s desire.

I understand that it’s hard but trust me.

Trust Him and He will never fail you.

Dear young lady,

Don’t give up on yourself too soon because God is preparing someone who is waiting and praying for you right now. You are a beautiful mess and you deserve to be waited and prayed for. You don’t have to worry because God promised that you will never be left nor abandoned as long as you are with Him in the journey.

Maybe you are so broken right now and your past was messy as what other people don’t expect, but that doesn’t mean that your future also will be.

The brokenness ends with you but will not stay in you. 

Just hang in there and keep hoping.

It is never easy but it’s possible.

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