We are all Sanchai’s wishing to meet our Dao Ming Si.

Women of our age, we seek for a relationship that lasts. We seek for a man that will fight for us and will proudly introduce us to the world.

But is not always the kind of story we want. We must love the wrong person in order to find the right one. We will get hurt, betrayed and even lost our worth.

Loving is the most beautiful feeling in the world but can also be the reason of our sorrows and pain.

I had loved a guy the way I never loved anyone else before. I have set a future with him and considered him to be my forever. We started happy yet ended separated. We are a match made in heaven at first but started to build misunderstandings on the process. We made a promise of infinity yet it is not what the Lord has plan for the both of us.

Setting him free is the hardest decision I ever made in my life. But it is also the most fulfilling move I have done for myself.

I lost myself in the process of loving him. I loved him too much that I forgot about my own self. And when he finally left, I was crashed, broken and empty.

But God reminds me through the people around me that it’s only the relationship that come to an end not my whole life. So, I took the situation in a positive way. I get up, pick up all my pieces, and fix myself slowly through prayers, service and doing the things I like. I decided to start loving myself. And from there, I saw my worth again. I get back on track and saw the light where God wants me to go. I turned my burden into blessings and I used my tests as my testimony.

If you ask me now what is the status of my heart? I will say, GRATEFUL. I am grateful for my pains that strengthened me. I am grateful for the tears I shed that made me wiser. I am grateful for all my past struggles that turned me to be a better version of myself.

Worth seems to be a simple word but it covers a wide range of my individuality as a woman. My worth is priceless and it cannot be measure by any means. My worth is my identity, and I won’t allow anyone to take it away from me again. I AM WORTHY for I am created in the image and likeness of God Almighty.