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I remembered when I was a child, I tend to think that I want to skip childhood and be a mature adult already. I tend to look at things at a different way. But now, I have realized that I want to become a child again, and that pattern goes on.

As a child, we enjoyed life at its fullest. We often got scarred because of the joy and fun that we had while playing games with our classmates on the field of our school.

I have realized that back then, scars aren’t a thing for me. It wasn’t important.

I have enjoyed everything about my childhood since I didn’t care what it would cause me in return, it may be scars or even a lot of cries. But now, my thinking just turned upside down. Probably, it’s how adulting affects me.

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As time went by, my perspective on things tend to change rapidly. I’ve got to experience a lot of setbacks in life that had helped me to become the woman that I am right now. I had experienced things that really made a scar on me. It wasn’t a physical thing, it’s deeper. It’s reflecting on me from the inside out. I was deceived by the fact that yes, I’m happy with what I am doing, but I didn’t realized that my heart’s rotten already. I have forsaken my heart. I felt sorry for myself.

I have overcame it already, so it’s an encouragement for you that you can overcome it as well. Don’t slouch and be ready for what God will do on that scars.

So, here’s some ways that would help you fixing the scar in your life:

  1. Know what kind of scar it is that you have.

Know if it was caused by you or someone. Just try to know what kind of scar it is that you have. ‘Cause by knowing it, we will eventually arrive into a solution. Just like doing a research, we should have first a problem for us to make a solution for it. Just try to ponder about it. You might want to pause for a minute and figure it out.

2. Try on telling it to someone. Consult them.

It’s better to gain some wisdom from someone. Just don’t try to hide it. Don’t keep it to yourself. It won’t help you at all. Try on sharing it someone who’s accountable, trust me, they won’t judge you. They would even love you more. That scar wouldn’t make you loved less. Just let your heart be open. Be open for rebukes or corrections, I tell you, it may hurt for a little time but it would really help you for a lifetime. Nothing will be taken away from you if you share it.

3. Forgive yourself.

Know that you are already forgiven by your Father in heaven. He has already won the battle for you. Christ died for us, and it’s the very reason for us to forgive ourselves as how God already had forgiven us.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

Just confess it with your mouth. His love will always be available for you as long as you receive it wholeheartedly. In every sin that we made from our past, we are already forgiven. Know your identity in Christ, that you are His beloved child and nothing can take it away from you. That mistake from your past was a mistake that shouldn’t be brought up every time that you’ve got to have a failure in the present. It’s all from the past.

4. Move on and move forward.

Forget what’s behind and be excited for what’s ahead. But still, don’t forget the lessons that you’ve got from your past mistakes. They are the very reason that God let us be in that situation for us to learn from it. Don’t waste that chance for you to be strengthened more in your relationship with God. Through those setbacks, you are the person that you are right now. You are the person that God wants you to be. Just learn to move forward and be excited for what God has already laid on the road for you. Be open for His plans in your life, it’s higher than our plans.

5. Time to share it to others!

You have experienced that experience to help others as they experience what you have experienced before.

In short, be a channel of wisdom for others! God has let you experienced it for you to share it to others as well. It’s about passing the baton of wisdom until all the people who are in need to hear it, will hear it. Your experience is worth-sharing!

Eventually, our scars turned into stories. They’ve come a long way. But let us just think of it like this: God has rescued us from the setback that we had that would eventually be a lesson for a lifetime.

Wait for another setback that will soon become stories!

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