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All of us have a general idea what a hero is.
But is that enough for us to distinguish, which is which?
They can fly,
Shoot lasers using thier eyes,
Can withstand even the worsest storm.
Can destroy enemies in all shapes and form.
But i do know a hero that is not in your usual comic book,
This hero is a she actually and can definitely cook.
She can read you a story or even teach you how to read school books.
She tucks you at night
and make sure everything is alright.
She wakes up before the sun rises
to ensure that you’re not late for your classes
She works countless hours
Makes you think and wonder if she has powers
She never shows any weaknes or tell you shes tired
Even if the world is so unforgivingly hard
She’ll do anything for your happiness
Your smile, your laugh makes her unbelievably tireless
She can face all the hardships
for you to have a beautiful sky to sail your ship.
She never asked for anything in return
She only wants one thing, and that is for you to learn.
She’s such an amazing person
So amazing indeed without any valid reason. She hides inside a four sided box
Her smiles are priceless can’t be bought by any rocks
She’s one of a kind, unique to everyone
We rarely thank her specially when we were young.
So its up to us to save her coz she has endured enough.
Its up to us to give her that life that she given up.

Thanks to you my unsung hero(heroine)

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