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Ever since I bought my mom a new phone, I constantly hear her watching Raffy Tulfo’s Youtube channel. To be honest, it’s funny hearing about other people arguing about their personal life publicly because that is something I am afraid to do. The topic here is not actually about how funny people are, I brought that up because there is a constant topic that I always hear whenever I hear my mom watch it: Cheating.

Mostly men, but there are women as well who cheat on their partner. People have different reason why they cheat and most of the time people do so because they are lacking something that they want to have. Men of our generation always have stories of how they made a girl said yes to sex or how they made a woman remove her underwear and even though it gives pleasure to us (I said us, because I am not going to except myself, I also made these mistakes as a man) telling other people how many we were able to sleep with, as you grow up, you’ll soon find out that dating a lot of people is not really fulfilling at all. Trying to sleep with pretty girls who says yes to your invitation doesn’t really do both of you any good.

If having multiple sexual partners is as fulfilling as what other say it is, why is it that cases of sexually transmitted diseases here in our country are on the rise? Why do we feel embarrassed to let other people know that we’ve already slept with different people? If the goal is to have as much sex as we want with different people, then when is it enough? If the only thing that matters is we get what we want from someone, why does it not feel fulfilling to take something from someone afterwards?

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I am writing this article to those who are struggling with self identity that you are getting your identity from other people. I am writing this article for those who are struggling because there’s a lot of beautiful women appearing on your Facebook account and you want to sleep with all of them. I am writing this article to those who do one night stands and people who were cheating.

My friend, it is not worth it and it is not too late to stop the habit. You are worth more than what you are doing.

The trouble is not worth it. The heartache is not worth it. The identity issue that it will give you afterwards is not worth it. The embarrassment is not worth it. The depression is not worth it.

Leaving a trail of broken hearts as you roam this Earth is totally not worth it.

We were made to love God and love the people He has made nothing else matters more than this.

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