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Hi Miss Dreary
Don’t worry
Even if I was just asking for a rain
But you give me storm and now you’re all drained

Hi Miss Dreary
Why are you so gloomy?
I don’t have an umbrella to protect you from the raindrops
But we can enjoy it together until it stops

Hi Miss Dreary
Why are you so lonely?
The one that lives in desolation
But you’re the one that gives me a salvation

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Hi Miss Dreary
You must be unlucky
The loneliness in your heart may never leave
But can I be the loneliness that follows you eternally?

Hi Miss Dreary
Please don’t leave me
I love you
Do you love me too?

Hi Miss Dreary
I can’t erase you in my memory
I miss you
Do you miss me too?

Hi Miss Dreary
Do you remember the times that we’re happy?
How did it turn out this way?
I just want you to stay

Hi Miss Dreary
Do you still remember me?
Cause you are always in my mind
Your memories still haunting me every night

Hi Miss Dreary
I just want you to be happy
Even if I’m not the cause of your happiness anymore
I would still love you forevermore

Hi Miss Dreary
I want you so badly
But I must accept it wholeheartedly
That we are not meant to be

Hi Miss Dreary
I guess your name suits you perfectly
Making the skies turn gray
Leaving holes from the hearts you break

Hi Miss Dreary
I’m not gonna lie
You deserve better
So do I

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