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Single? But feeling like you’re ready to commit? Here are a few tips to know, learn, and remember when  you are already in a relationship. 

A lot of things in life are complicated that it is hard for us to make it work. One of which is romantic relationships. Most, if not all, have failed in the field of commitment. For some unknown reasons, some couples just say “It did not work.” Some say they fell out of love; they were cheated on; they saw someone better; they were not ready yet; we were just playing around, nothing so serious. And the list goes on and on.

If we would dig deeper into these given reasons, I am pretty sure there’s more to each of this than what is being meant. 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It did not work out because you did not make it work. It was getting hard for the both of you to make it work. 

It did not work because something was lacking with what you were doing. You thought you were just being sweet and caring, but the truth is you were becoming a controller.

Now, let me give you ways on how you can make it work. Give it a try and let us see if it will work just fine. These are collated from different true-to-life experiences. These may vary depending on the situation you are in.

1. Learn how to adjust

– Hindi sa lahat ng bagay ikaw ang masusunod. You are partners, therefore lahat ng bagay na gagawin mo dapat sa ikabubuti niyo pareho. ‘Wag kang mag-inarte na parang ikaw ang boss at ikaw lang ang masusunod.

2. Learn when to lose an argument

– Better lose an argument than to lose the person. Kung pwede naman pag-usapan nang maayos, pag-usapan. Kung pwedeng palagpasin, palagpasin na lang. Kung tama naman siya, magpatalo ka na, kaysa ikaw yong matalo ‘pag nawala siya.

3. Don’t be a jealous brat

– Trust is what makes the relationship at peace. Love without trust will never work. Sometimes when you are insecure, jealousy slides in. You should know how to control and manage your emotions, so you can manage your relationship.

4. Punan yong pagkukulang ng bawat isa and be contented kung anong meron ka

– Wag hanapin yong wala. You can’t have it all. Yong mga wala siya na meron ka naman at alam mo, ituro mo sakanya. Turuan mo siya. ‘Wag mong idahilan ang pagkukulang niya para iwan mo siya.

5. Make love (lambing, cuddle, simple sweet gestures) palagi

– It makes your partner feel loved. And when you feel loved, there is no room for you to not give it back.

6. Tell him how much you love and miss him ❤

– Be a good speaker of the language of love. Always express how you feel for your partner.

7. Learn how to communicate

– Wag pabebe at immature. Pag usapan dapat ang mga bagay. Kapag galit or naiinis ka, sabihin mo kung bakit. Hindi yong bigla ka na lang tinotoyo. Kung nagseselos ka, sabihin mo rin kung bakit. Do not keep things to yourself.

8. Do not sleep without fixing the problem

– Never ever let your partner sleep without making sure that everything’s fine. Huwag na ipagpabukas kung pwede naman pag-usapan ngayon.

9. No keeping of secrets

– A MUST! No need to elaborate on this.

10. Have time for him, always ❤

– FInding and making time for your partner is one way of making him or her feel loved. Giving your time is like giving yourself to him/ her.

11. Engage in a good and deep conversation (once in a while)

– Talk about your dreams and goals, just like how you talk about random stuff.

12. Have your own life and world outside the relationship

– ‘Wag puro KAYO, dapat may IKAW at AKO pa rin. Have your own spaces, circle, and world outside your relationship.

13. Pwede mag paalam, pero bawal pagbawalan

– It is another way of building trust. Kung iyong magulang niya nga pinayagan siya, ikaw pa kaya.

14. Support each other’s dream

– Be the number one fan of each other. Be his or her cheerleader. 

15. Know the needs of your partner

– It shouldn’t be all about you. It should be a give and take relationship. ‘Wag puro kabig, girl.

16. Do not abandon your friends

– Nag-kajowa ka lang, nakalimutan mo na mga kaibigan mo. ‘Wag ganun. Tapos ‘pag iniwan ka ng jowa mo iiyak ka sa kaibigan na iniwanan mo.

17. Ask how’s your partner’s day after work

– This makes him feel like you care and that you want to know what happened to him the entire day. Celebrate small things. If it’s something disappointing, assure him it’s going to be okay. Just let him know that you are there for him.

18. Avoid nonsense arguments. 

– Your relationship should be an escape, not a cause of another problem. Partner mo ang takbuhan mo tuwing may problema. Hindi iyong partner mo ang tinatakbuhan mo kasi pinoproblema mo siya.

19. It’s okay if you aren’t each other’s top priority

– May you be the first, second, third, or fourth, it does not matter. It’s just numbers/rank. It will never define his love for you. Walang masama kung ang priority niya ay si God, Family, Career , at ikaw. Ang importante nasa priorities ka nya. This is not settling for less, this is you being matured enough to understand that there is more to life than your relationship.

20. Know your partner’s love language and fill his love tank ❤

Madami ba? Ganun naman talaga ‘di ba? Gagawin natin lahat to make our relationship with someone work. I hope you find this helpful.


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