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Not my thing. It’s unusual for me to be in an online dating world. People around me see me as someone who will never dare to install any dating apps. Or that’s just what I wanted them to portray me? Okay, enough talk.


That day. It happened when I was so bored about anything. Bored watching netflix. Bored reading my ebooks. Even bored reading the bible. (Im sorry but thats what really happened) So I go over the App store and tried this thing called Bumble. This is a platform for dating / making friends and even business partners. I find this interesting than the other mainstream apps.

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On Bumble. I tried to make my profile and bio interesting enough to gain friends. I have put there my hobbies and alike. With bumble bff, there’s so much to swipe left because most of them looks like they are really there for dating. No one really swiped me right on Bumble bff. I don’t know why. Moving forward, thats when I tried using the Bumble date, and its really surprising that with one swipe right, I had a match already.


Swipper is swipping. I had several matches but only few of them really had the interest to continue chatting with me and vice versa. In Bumble, the girl has all the control if she wanted to chat with the guy if ever they matched 😉 With the help of the list of good conversation opener in bumble, being the shy type, I manage to talk with them. And my favorite convo opener is anything related to music.


The aftermatch. I am amused how we are different in our music choices. I matched with a guy with the same interest in music as mine. And I also matched with someone way different than mine, like he’s more into operatic songs. They are pretty interesting tho. No flirting, just a pure honest conversation you will get when you really mean to just talk with them.


Unmatched. There were several who I chose to unmatch. Those few guys I think accidentally swiped right taking the chances despite the disclaimer  in my bio (swiped left if your looking for hookups) they still tried to ask me. Or maybe they just never read bios. So swipper no swipping. Read the bios please.


After two days, this guy asked me if we can talk somewhere else, like IG or viber. So I obliged on Viber. We talked as if we really knew each other. He somehow insisted to get my fb account, And then one moment, he said, “excited na ko sa hangout natin” and I was like woah, did I ever confirmed na I want to hangout with him knowing we’re just talking for almost less than a week?


Given that into consideration. I planned to exchange facebook account with him. We stalked each other, and find funny things about each other, after a day or two, he seems to be uninterested in talking to me anymore. And I’m glad that I did that. Because I knew it. I knew from the start that I’m the type of girl whose out of his league.


Selfworth-check. I honestly doubted myself for once. I am really not interesting for the peoole around me. I have gained confidence for a few days and lose them in a day. Maybe I’m in a wrong platform.


We’re still friends in facebook, yet I chose not to start the conversation anymore. And that’s what I should be doing right now. I am planning to deactivate my bumble account. Atleast I have to say goodbye to those whom (I can say ” good guys”) I gained friendship with.


To you bumble guy. May all the hopes and dreams you have be ever in your favor. May your pursuit of happiness align with the happiness of people around you. Have a good life my friend. Take care.

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