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I have always been afraid of being with someone who can shut-down my egoistic personality, terrified to be in a relationship with someone who will keep me up at night to listen to a potential breakdown. I was selfish, and somehow afraid of commitment. Romantic relationships for me is nothing but expenses, not until I met the person who made me realized that life is not a merry-go-round.

This is not a whim of a typical Jollibee love story, but the fast-food chain became the bridge of our unending story. Funny how time can be surreal, mind-set can be driven away not with how we think, but how we feel. I cannot deny the fact that I love to have my personal time, away with my friends and family. I can study in a coffee shop for hours without having someone to talk to, but I can’t eat alone in a fast-food chain, I feel incomplete, I guess? The stare of the people, the deafening silence and the lonely atmosphere.

All of these changed when I met the person who gave me hundreds of reasons to smile. Jollibee became our avenue for first-dates, we shared laughs, and might as well cries. After stressful periods of classes, I automatically drive around the city with my partner, it’s such a breather of how scared I am to eat all alone for the past years, and now I have someone whom I can comfortably eat and share a meal with.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Now, it’s all on me, of how I ran to your house at midnight because of your calls, Jollibee’s the first meal I can simply buy when you deserve a treat. Always know that you don’t even have to say a single word when you’re not okay, because I can honestly feel you, it made me become a fighter.

You know, I can’t even play a guitar, but the songs I sang whenever you can’t sleep, I knew it helped. Because of you, I taught myself how to be a Man with honor and pride. I committed such failures in life, but you were always there telling me that things will get better, and guess what, some of those pragmatic situations happened in Jollibee.

These tough times made me realize how important memories are, and how we should cherish each and every hour, for we do not know the possibilities that would come. For the most part, Jollibee is such a blessing, of how we were able to conquer our defeats, and victories. Jollibee became an inanimate proof with the love we had augmented, up until today.

Post Script: May it be a friend, or a family, I know we all missed going to Jollibee, and this will not become a fragment of our memory for we always have a different story to tell.

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