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Moving forward from being broken-hearted is like you taking an antibiotic therapy. Take this tip from a nurse’s point of view.

Take the right medication
Ano ba dapat ang inumin if you want to move on? Alak ba? No, wag ganun. The right question is who will be your medication for your broken heart. You’ve read it right. Who? Yes, it’s someone. Why someone? Because the vacant space there in your heart that once was filled needs to be occupied for you not to feel the emptiness. (Tama ba?) And that someone would be God. God is the medication. Treat it like He is the antibiotic for your broken heart who once was overpowered by a bacteria. (And I guess you already know who is the bacteria I’m trying to say. Oo, Ex mo!) God is the right medication/antibiotic. Why? Simply because. First, He is someone who will never leave you. (Hindi kagaya ng kakilala mo. Hindi lang nag LOA, nag resign na sa pagiging “special someone” mo) Second, God heals the brokenhearted. Third, He loves you and you are His. Also, He is the strength, the hope, the life, and the list will continue.

Take it religiously
You need God every day, every hour every minute, every moment. You need to ask His strength and guidance for your consistent healing. And when I say consistent, I mean faithfully, every single day. Because God would never get tired to listen to us. (Kahit paulitulit pa yan) He will always answer our prayer maybe not today or tomorrow but in the right time. Don’t be too harsh on your self. Just be consistent ’cause God would never allow things to happen if it’s not His plan. Maybe He just wants you to learn something or become stronger than before. Just like the diamond. It needs friction to be beautifully crafted.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Complete the course
You will not get the best results if you are not going to take the whole course of the therapy. I mean, I’m sorry but there are no shortcuts. It doesn’t mean that if you prayed to be healed tonight, the pain would be gone the next morning when you wake up. Just like a wound would not turn into a scar the next day after suturing it. Continue to ask God for strength so that you can live another day without the person you were once dependent on. It’s not also good to drop everything if you feel a little better, you will just develop tolerance. You know, prayers work. It may not be after a week or so but you will eventually realize that you feel healed and light since the burden you have been carrying was already lifted up.

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