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As a growing person, I always feel awkward whenever people talk about their love life. Some are happy, some are regretful, and some are victims of cheaters.

Hearing different stories, I empathize with victims and despise cheaters. No one deserves to be cheated on, right?

Of course! No one does. And I guess it’s time to reveal my love story I’ve been hiding for years.

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I Hid my Lover’s Identity

I never shared that I’m in a relationship because I fear a lot of things: the unsolicited opinions and judgment of others. I hid in shame.

Well, my lover was so patient. He knew I wasn’t yet ready to reveal our relationship.

But I know he was deeply hurt.

I sensed that he badly wants to show the world how much he loves me, but I’m not yet ready for the world to know.

I Didn’t Trust My Lover

I always get appreciation messages from him everyday. He would tell me how beautiful I am and affirm my abilities. He was that one every girl would dream of.

However, I struggled to believe his words and still believed lies.

I Wasn’t Committed

I always say that I love him, but you know what?

I never made him my priority.

I would only talk when I needed someone to listen to me.

And he did, but I never listened to him.

I Just Used Him

He was always there to help, but I chose to do things my way.

I’d just ask for help when I have no choice, even if I’m half-hearted.

And to make things worse, I never gave him credit because I wanted to keep our relationship a secret.

I Never Loved Him Fully

I only listened to him when I wanted to, when it favors me.

But I was never satisfied with what he’s giving me.

Secretly, I craved for the affection and attention of others. I know he knew about this, but he still loved me the same.

The time came when our relationship became one way.

Finally, I decided to end everything between us, and be with someone else.

I Never Deserved Him, and He Never Deserved Me

I never wanted to admit this, but yes, I cheated on my lover.

And my next statement will make you throw stones at me.

I just want to come back.

My life became a mess. My succeeding relationships broke not only his heart, but mine. I cheated on him, but I also cheated on myself.

I was devastated. I was depressed.

And I badly need to come back.

And to my lover, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry.

Despite all my shortcomings, I still hope you will forgive me.

I’m sorry for causing so much pain in your heart. I realized that your efforts are too much, but I never appreciated them.

I know deep in your heart, you still love me. You still want me.

I just want to come back, not because I need you, but because I want you and I love you.

You were my everything, and you still are…




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