I know it’s gonna hurt my heart but I kept loving you hoping for the Imposible.

My Mr. J


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To the man I loved,  here’s a message for you from the buttom of my heart with no anger, no regrets, and no more pain.

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Thank you,  as you showed me the best of me that I can be the best of me that I am loved, I deserved to be loved just like the other girls thank you.

You saw my flaws, my happy side, the side of my self, the needy me and you saw all that and I’m thankful because you aint give me judgement look but you embrace all of that you walk with me during my difficult journey and I’m thankfull because of that.

You don’t have to feel bad because I love you without asking for more,  it wasn’t your fault that I have high hopes for us! for my maybe’s!

It was my choice and If I could go back in time 

Please pretend that You don’t know me even when our hearts sparks in between. 

Not because I regret you in my life but because I don’t want you to feel that you have to choose between me and someone who was your world. 

I will always be there for you from a distance, you will always be my deh.

You were a amazing person I never regret crossing path with. 

You amazed me in every single way!

You were my sunshine that I never had.

Somewhere down the road, we will see each orher again when were both free.

I hope you grab my hands this time and I promise not to let go!

But for now I have to let you go because 

My love for you is too much that if I stayed any longer I would end up breaking my self that you tried to build up and I can’t   and I won’t.

For now my love for you, I will sealed it here from the buttom of my heart my Mr. J 

I love you so much, but now I need to love my self first again to be able to see you without pain and tears. 

So When I see you again, I can face you with smile and when that time comes I prayed that i can now call you mine without a doubt.

Love your Ms. L

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