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I miss you but I don’t want to contact you.
I miss you but I don’t want to see your profiles in facebook and instagram.
I miss you but I don’t want to know what you are doing.
I miss you but I don’t want to see where are you.
I miss you but I don’t want to ask you how was your day.
I miss you but I don’t want to let myself to give in to the temptation to chase after you, again and again.
I miss you but I don’t want to be the cause of your stress.
I miss you and I know I can’t be with you.
I miss you.
I miss us.
I miss the days we were so happy.
I miss us laughing everytime we were having an argument.
I miss our smiles whenever we look at each other’s eyes.
I miss our foodtrips everytime we get bored and just want to eat something.
I miss our simplicity to date with just a banana and yogurt on the bench found inside a mall.
I miss our joy rides and just enjoy every songs we sing our hearts out.
I miss how strong we were back then.
I miss how you hug, kiss, and cuddle me just to make me forgive you because of your annoying teases.
I miss how you took photos and videos of me and tell the world how I mean so much to you.
I just miss how you look at me and how I felt your genuine love.
I just miss the feeling you once gave me.
I just miss the times we were so happy and nothing can stop us from everything.
My Love.
And it hurts a lot that I can’t even tell you everything because you don’t want long messages or dramas like this.
I just wish the pain would stop.
I just wish to move on just like what you are doing.
I just wish I have the strength to let go of every memories we had.
I just wish we could be okay sooner or later.
I just wish you could be happier with your decision even if I am no longer part of your life.
I just wish you could find genuine happiness and fulfillment in life.
I just wish you could get everything your heart desires.
I just wish to see the smile and happiness in your eyes again.
I just wish.
I just wish one day, if given a chance to see you in the street, we could smile at each other again.
I just wish for you to find someone better than me.
I just wish you good health and a happy life.
That’s all I ever wanted.

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