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I want to be the one who will make you laugh though my jokes are lame

I want to be the one who’s always out of line but the mere fact that I exist, for you it’s fine

I want to be the one who always talks – that my voice became lullaby into your ears

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I want to be the one who is not good at art yet you see as a masterpiece


I want to be the one who thinks your arms is her favorite place

The one who’s whenever sad; will manage to smile upon seeing your face

I want to be the person who’ll sneak out from all of her responsibility just to tell you ‘hey! I love you!’

The cry-baby girl who find comfort with your forehead kiss

I want to be the one who loves you still – even if you are mad

The one who cares for you and don’t want to ever see you sad

I want to be the one who matters

The one who matters to you

I don’t wanna be just a random girl you’ve met along the way

I want our story to last, I really wanted to stay

I want to be the one who’ll calm the monster inside your head

I want to be the one whom you’ll introduce to your dad

And lastly, I want to be one of those special reason why your mom will thank God.



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