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As humans it is our nature to seek love, as what they said “no man is an island”, as our generation goes we see or considered love as part of our necessity to survive.  But still it our choice how we see love–others love themselves (sologamy) and others look for a pair and so on. But being in a relationship doesn’t attest happy life, sometimes it ruins your being.


Here are some (for me) keys to a happy relationship:

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    1. LOVE– is the basic ingredient in the relationship. I define love as acceptance. Accepting each others flaws. Accepting each other’s past. Accepting each others imperfection. Accepting each others weaknesses. Accepting each others. If you love someone you see beyond his fault, beyond how imperfect he is, beyond his flaws, and how indecent his past is, because you love him not because he is fine, he is elegant, he is magnificent but because he is who he is–the naked truth of him, who doesn’t conceal on his imperfections and flaws, who is not afraid of facing any tragedy that may arise and above all he is the person who doesn’t live in the shadow of perfection.
    2. Being Unique and Being the Best Version of Yourself – never date a person who will tell you that you should wear this and that because that’s what he saw. You are unique, it our signature identity–never forged someone identity because that is not who you are–maybe the people around you may feel happy but ask yourself are you happy? If you’re not, please stop because you’re depriving yourself to be happy. You are not born to please them, you are born to please yourself. But hey, take some consideration too, if your partner wants you to change because he sees you as the best version of yourself why not try if is is for your own good.
    3. Able to Share and Able to Grow – able to share doesn’t mean you have to share all your possession but sort of, but what I am pointing out is that you have to make time for each other, avoid abandoning your partner–don’t make time because you have to but because you want to. Being in a relationship is such a time demanding, you have to spare time and makes a lot of memories because that’s how they feel cherish and love. Able to grow means teach each other. Accept correction that may help for your betterment. You accepted him because you see yourself growing in his arm. You see yourself better when your with him. You accepted him because you see better future ahead with him. Share and grow together.


  • Being each Other’s Strength , Comfort and BestFriend – when you are in a relationship you are committed to be with him in times of despair. Be each other’s strength, comfort and bestfriend. I want you to take this in mind that settle to a person whom you are comfortable with. Whom you can rely on like your very best friend.


  • TRUST – this is the very important factor of being in relationship. All the other ingredients might be present but if trust to each other is not enough it will start failing sooner. Give your trust, never doubt. And never crash the amount that are given to you, because once crash you can’t never fixed it again–trust description is always associated to a glass, once broken you can have all the pieces but still can’t make it the same appearance as before.



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