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Hi there! If you’re a fresh graduate looking for your first legit job or struggling with work, I have few words for you.

I remember that feeling after I graduated, “finally, I’m done with school!”. But then reality woke me up. Now that you graduated, then what? You have to look for a job.
Looking for a job is never easy. I graduated from a prestigious university, and that makes it even harder (It’s either you’re over qualified or a mediocre).
I felt the urge to find a job knowing that most of my batchmates are already working and it’s been a year after my graduation. Fast forward, I accepted my first job despite the very low salary (less than minimum pay). At first it was fun. I got to apply some lab skills of mine and meet new people, until I realized a lot of things. It took me a while because I thought it’s okay, that I’m okay.
1. I realized that knowing your worth is important! I used to say never settle with less in terms of relationship partner. So at work, it’s as important as choosing your job. It’s not being “mayabang”, you worked hard to earn that degree. It took you 4 years of sleepless nights. You deserve a job that suits your capabilities and potential. You deserve a job that compensates you well. You deserve a job where you are valued. (You don’t have to sleep on your office floor because you can’t afford to have a boarding house.)
2. Your mental health matters. Choose your environment wisely. Observe how the employees work, their relationship with each other and with their boss. Being with people who wish to bring you down will just exhaust you. When you apply for a job away from home, make sure that you’ll have enough support system for the challenges that you’ll face. (Be with people that genuinely supports you and not judge you based on how you look and your social status).
3. Don’t be afraid to leave. Yes it needs a lot of courage and faith. But if you know that’s it not healthy for you anymore and there’s no more growth, pray for it and when it’s time, take that leap of faith and move forward. There’s a lot of opportunities that’s waiting for you. It’s not bad to look for greener pasture. Go, explore and see the world. (It took me 3 attempts before I finally decided to leave, for real.)

I still thank God for these experiences, I learned a lot, I got to know my self better and I was able to spend a lot time with Him. Now, I am much grateful. I’m in a greener pasture, learning and growing.

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