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I know that sometimes you feel alone and that nobody understands but please do not settle for less because you feel like time is running out.

I know that sometimes you feel like your life is nothing but an endless cycle of hurt but please do not settle for less, do not give up on love because someone out there waits for someone just like you.

I know that sometimes you want someone to assure you that you’re worth keeping and that you are worth all the trouble but please do not settle for cheap affirmations that some guy on the internet give.

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I know that sometimes you think he’s the one but you also see signs of inconsistencies, never be afraid to confront him of his inconsistencies that might affect the relationship someday. A man who loves you will be willing to confront your issues and his if he’s really into you. Do not be afraid of the threat that he might leave or the fun will be gone if you ask. Please, do not ignore the red flags.

I know that sometimes a guy seems so dreamy and all but do not settle for someone who doesn’t make his intentions clear. Do not even try to make sense of his unconfirmed intentions through his actions alone. Do not compromise.

I know that sometimes you wonder if someone will ever date you or court you but please, do not settle for less. A man who loves you will make his intentions clear. A man who finds you beautiful will always make sure that you understand why he’s doing something for you.

Stay away from those who wants the intimacy that a relationship begs but doesn’t want the commitment that a relationship needs.

If a man loves you, he will respect you and will do his best to respect you though he will sometimes fail.

If a man loves you, he’ll wait for you, no matter how long it is going to be. The agony of waiting won’t matter because he knows you’re worth waiting for.

Lastly, do not, and never put your identity in a man. If there is someone who really loves you and knows your worth, it is God and he’s the One you should believe. If a man cheats or leaves you for another woman, it doesn’t mean you’re ugly and you are nothing compared to the other woman. That’s not how it works. Your identity is based on who God is and He loves you enough to send His Son Jesus for you and that is more than any man could possibly offer.


I know it is tiring and sometimes you feel that it is pointless but it isn’t. The more you develop yourself with the help of God, the more you will become a person God wants you to be and the more likely it is that the guy who is looking for a woman just like you will come. —It will surely be worth it.

Wait for a God fearing man but also, become the woman that the man you’re waiting for is waiting for.


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