The world is full of transient people,
we meet them in an unexpected leap of time.
In the spectrum of the eyes,
gazes entangled,
heart pounded for a minute,
mesmerized by the twilight of unequivocal feelings.
That was the day—
blurs reality from supernatural.

Aye so blue,
they come and go
like a traveler who does not intent staying in a place forever,
they leave after a short period of time.
Leaving someone behind
departing with no uttered words,
no goodbyes.
I am left,
alone, splentific,
deeply wounded, shattered into pieces.
Here I am,
waiting for oblivion.

As I looked in the stunning aurora borealis,
tears started to run down in my cheeks.
Then I drowned
in the unfathomable sea of sadness.
I couldn’t take another step,
I was paralyzed by the past,
hunted by sorrowful heart.
I want to be alive again
and live in the present so—-
I let go and let God.
so i