Hi! Finally. It’s time to finally say goodbye. To that someone who you thought could be yours. Who you loved so much, you doubted even yourself if you’re still sane. To the one who loved you, but didn’t love you enough. This is for you both.

How is it possible to love someone, but not love them, love them? How is it possible to just care for him? but not cared for him? How is it that love has so many levels and yet you don’t even know where you are to them?

I don’t think you should regret anything though, the love you have felt, or imagined, from that someone made you happy and I really believe that it’s something. It may have been too little, or just not enough for you to be what you are trying to be, but it was something. You have to believe that or you just might lose yourself again. So to that someone who loved you… thank it, and I know you really wished that there was more.

There will be time na you’ll think na maybe you both could really grow into something more beautiful than you already are, but then you’ll see him, you’ll see her, and you won’t feel that right love. Yes, s/he have given you something to cling to, to hope to, but that is just it. And you shouldn’t take any of it anymore and it’s sad and it’s also true. To that someone that made you feel important- that made your heart beats ten times faster,

“…to that someone who loves you but just isn’t enough, this should be your goodbye.”

that someone who can make you smile with a smile, to that someone who made you feel like it is okay to look not so pretty because he might still love you, to that someone who gave away his secrets to you-who made you feel that you’re his keeper, to that someone that in a split second, could change your mood, to that someone who broke your heart over and over again, and to that someone who loves you but just isn’t enough, this should be your goodbye.

At some point we have to have faith that this isn’t what we deserve and learn to let go of the shit that made you feel all sorts of nothings. You don’t need the love that isn’t sure. You need the love that is for you.