I’m sincerely thankful for your existence. I know that i met you for a purpose. And i think, that is to make me realize that everything should be done according to His will. Slowly, carefully, and surely.

We both love the sunsets, seas, rains, moon, and the nature. And the thought of being in the place you love with the man you love have eaten me that i forgot to make decisions carefully.

I made a decision, not knowing that it will only break me in the future. Then, the time comes. Everything ended.

And God have found me. He rescued me. Everything that we have has ended. And my relationship with the Lord has started.

So, to the man whom God used to taught me a lesson, congratulations. The lesson hit me big time. Thank you for the pain and love that is part of the lesson.

I hope and pray that your faith will grow deeper in Him. And to find your own Love that is according to His will. I’m sincerely praying for your happiness and success.

Because of that lesson, i now have the joy and gladness in waiting. It feels great knowing that I’m waiting for the best that God have planned for me. And now, for me, waiting is not wasting.

Waiting is trusting.
Our heart is secure in Him.

There is so much joy in waiting.