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I had been a very strong woman
At some point, I thought I do not need someone in my life
My days seemed perfectly knitted together
Being alone but not lonely was all that matters

As seasons quickly fall off
My soul starts to long for someone I can call mine
My heart begins to wish that someday
Somewhere you will see me and I will see you
But then I have little fears inside
“Will I be enough for you?”
“Will I be spending my forever with you?”
“Can we still have so much time together?”

I want to do a lot of things with you
I want to travel around many places with you
I want to read books with you
I want to cry and laugh with you
I want to mess around the kitchen and cook for you
I want to make a home that you dreamed of and wanted to
I want to grow old with you

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Maybe what we need is a miracle
I know deep in my heart that miracles do come true
So wherever you are
Let’s have a little more patience
God will lead us along the way
Those little fears, He will wipe them away

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