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Let’s admit it, waiting is not easy for most us. It gets boring sometimes, discouraging and parang pointless. Why wait naman if we can have instant and quick results diba? Like most of us, I myself is being tested also with this waiting period. I admit that there are a lot of times already that I got discouraged because I can feel na parang wala nangyayari, parang sobrang tagal Lord, I mean Lord do you still have great plans for me? And just today I just had a lot of realizations that I’d like to share with you also. Below are Four Things that we can do to make our Waiting Time meaningful  and productive, kahit minsan mahirap at nakakapagod na rin. I have used the Acronym WAIT para mas madali niyong matandaan…


This waiting period could also be the stage that we are most vulnerable. Agree ka ba? Bacause of our impatience, this period could also be the time that we are most tempted to take the easier route at shortcut. Sa Love, sometimes kasi because of our fear of being alone for a long period of time, we tend to just settle for less. Kahit sino na lang kahit hindi pa siya ang pinagpray natin kay Lord basta meron lang, okay na rin. Kaysa wala na ngang dumating pa along the way.  However what I have learned from my past experience is that, sobrang valuable pala ng waiting. If I’ve just waited a little bit longer, siguro I could have saved myself from serious heartbreaks and heartaches. If I have just trusted the Lord fully, siguro may mga bagay na hindi na rin sana nangyari. Just like what Ptr Jamey Santiago has said in one of her videos, we need to fight for our future. We need to fight for our hearts and we should do it in this period of waiting. Hindi lang dapat basta basta at kung sino sino lang. Hindi joke ang masaktan. Tama pala na we have to really go through the process, ‘yong refining ni Lord,’yong preparation ni Lord. Hindi naman si Lord KJ at selfish. Hintay lang dapat tayo. Chill lang. Darating din ang promise ni Lord sa time Niya. The time will come that we would thank ourselves that we have waited.

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Experience is the best teacher they say but naniniwala ka rin ba na hindi naman natin dapat pagdaanan pa ang isang bagay para lang matuto right? We can actually learn already from the experiences of others. We can acquire wisdom from others. I believe this waiting time is the best time to get all the learnings that we need to better prepare ourselves sa next season ng life natin. We can do this by simply being with more mature and God fearing people. We can acquire learnings by simply reading books and by watching videos, or whichever we prefer. The important thing to understand here is that, our waiting period is the best time to learn what we need to learn so when the right time comes na may ibibigay na si Lord na tao para sa atin, we are ready and equipped.


I have learned na singleness or waiting time could also be the best time to invest. Invest sa self natin, kasi baka for the longest time na deprive na rin natin ang self natin. Invest more time sa family and friends and kay Lord kasi nga baka there were times na naneglect narin natin ito.  Invest in our future, like putting up a business while we are young, buying a house, travelling more, getting insurances, etc. There are things that we could still do while we are single and could no longer do when we are already married. So why don’t we make use of this time to build up ourselves and make ourselves better.  I believe naman na ito rin naman ang gusto ni Lord sa atin, to become the best versions of ourselves and to do something worthwhile while we wait for His promise to come.


God is always true to His promises. Sabi niya nga sa Jeremiah, His plans for us is to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. If we remain in Him then we can confidently say na ang waiting time natin is also part ng plan Niya for our good future. So we should never ever lose sight of this promise. Patuloy natin na paniwalaan na never tayong ipinahamak at ipapahamak ni Lord. Hayaan lang natin Siyang gumalaw sa ating mga buhay. He’s got great plans for us at ‘wag nating sirain ‘yon just because hindi na tayo makapaghintay.

I hope you have learned something from this blog and I hope na hindi rin tayo magsawa sa kahihintay sa promise ni Lord. Let’s all enjoy our WAITING!

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