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I had given my heart to someone freely Accepted that person completely
And loved him unconditionally
Even his imperfections perfectly

For years, we had been together
He only wounded me deeper
Told me he’s never been my lover
Made me learned that there’s no forever

You already have someone in your life
Who is calling you as her “mine”
It’s enough having some of your time
Though, it hurts being the last in line

I know that this is wrong
I couldn’t care for it’s too strong
Like listening the “Secret Love Song”
Whatever I’m feeling- I must end before long

I thought I set myself to be tougher
But with you, I become weaker
Trying to walk away from you is harder
Cause I deem my heart leerier

Loving you, I will never regret
Cuddling with you, is our little secret
Singing the songs we like, surely I’ll cherish
Remembering your smile, it’ll never perish

Reminiscing the time, I thought as our night Breaking me, it’ll be fine cause I’ve given you the right
Knowing that this’ll end soon, ’cause it’s a plight
Surrendering is the best thing I must do, in this battle surely I can’t fight.

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