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Did you ever looked up the sky at night
and wonder how they witnessed every twinkle
in your sad eyes?
The burning stars that are appearing so bright
but why are your tears gently falling
every moonlit night?

You ask yourself under the dusky twilight
Why do I feel empty?
Although lots of people sorrounds me?
You feel like standing in great precipice
with your head held up but no one was there to witness your suffering

You asked yourself again
Am I missing something?
An integral element that will complete your empty and heavy heart

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You once looked up again without thinking
Your body stood still but your mind and heart was somewhere in the dark lurking
In that night, you just wanted to give up
Give up everything because it all didn’t made sense
And in that moment, you asked yourself again
Could I just love all the pain away?
Could someone tell me how to?

In the last twinkle of twilight
You felt the cold breeze gently hugging you
“Who are we?”
One night, as you closed your eyes
“Where should I go?”
You are still wandering says the man above the moon
But didn’t you notice?
Every stars that are burning with you
Every poem you read under the light of the moon
Every tear you shed
Says you are a lost star
Constantly finding your way home
Constantly searching for meaning
The man above the moon smiled sweetly at me
It made my heart flutter and I guess He was that one missing piece that will complete me

In the light of the dark
You offered your brightess smile that made you glow in that moonlit night
You smiled oh-so-brightly when those tears gently fell down again
You heaved a big sigh and chuckled
“Are we all lost stars?”

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