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I always remember the first time I long for YOU
Deep inside my heart I knew there’s a missing piece
But this feeling didn’t last long,
Coz YOU responded quickly to my call
And open YOUR door

From then on YOU never leave me
YOU’VE even carry me in my darkest days
I can feel YOUR presence wherever I am
YOU reminds me always of YOUR great love
Through unexpected circumstances and people around

I love because YOU first loved me
The love I never felt to anyone or anything
In spite of my unworthiness YOU loved me unconditionally
YOU showed me how valuable I am
And that I am YOUR Princess and YOU are my King

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Knowing YOU more is a great privilege
YOU died on the the cross to pay my wage
This sacrifice I cannot repay
Because of YOUR love you’ve been slay

This is my love story with YOU my King
That I will treasure for the rest of my life
The only thing that I can give YOU now,
Is to serve and worship YOU with all my heart

Forever I will love YOU and this is so true
I am excited to journey this life with YOU
And this love story will continue through eternity
I love YOU my Savior, my LORD, my King JESUS


“This poem was originally composed as a song, but since I don’t know how to put a melody on it, I just shared it as a poem. I wrote this way back 2016. While I am on my duty working as a Nurse overseas, there was just a sudden burning desire to wrote what I experienced with Jesus Christ, and here it is. I just pray that someone will be moved with the content of my writing. God bless all!”

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