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I own a boat with paddles two,
Too grand for me, I can’t pursue,
Rowing alone won’t do the trick,
It takes two synchronized to steer us slick.

I see your face and feel love’s call,
My heart beats fast when you’re in thrall,
With prayers that God will hear my plea,
For a chance to speak with thee.

I asked if you’d commit to row with me,
As the waves below us rise and flee,
You said yes, with God as our guide,
Together we’ll navigate, side by side.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

As time goes by, the tides do churn,
I keep rowing, but the boat’s in turn,
I glance beside, and find no trace,
Searching, with worry on my face.

I seek to find you, and search around,
Discovering you with another bound,
Rowing our boat, I wished you were with me,
But I was wrong, you wanted someone else to be.

I resume to row alone, although it’s hard,
But I have no choice, but to pull up my guard,
Praying to God for strength, to lead me where to go,
In the direction He’ll guide me, to let His love flow.


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