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Maybe because she was left by the person whom she thought will be her future.
No. Maybe it’s because her mom failed to find her own “happily ever after” cliché ending.
Could it be because her sister failed to find someone who will never hurt her physically and emotionally?
Oh right. She knows a lot of people who can’t be faithful on their other half. Maybe it was also a trigger. Who knows?
Maybe because she’s known to have a stone cold heart and afraid no one is brave enough to take risk for her.
Or maybe she just grew up not depending on anyone so now she’s used of being independent.
Well, it’s not really a bad idea being alone when all you want in your life is peace right?

Isn’t it scary that she has alot of reasons not to?
Do you think someone could ever convince her that it is okay?

It is okay to fall inlove again despite of the pain being left without a reason.
It is okay to fail one more time before she could find the happily ever after she wants to have.
It is okay to set aside her doubts to people’s sincere intentions.
It is okay to tear down the walls of that stone cold heart she owns.
It is okay to depend on someone after being so brave of facing those fears and pain she has overcome.

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