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Dear future husband,


A friend shared with me today that her marriage is on the rocks… that she’s struggling with her husband’s infidelity 😢

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


It pains me. It scares me too.

It seems like faithfulness and commitment are scraps of paper that are just wasted away.

This all the more seem to justify the myth that Boys will always be boys, that it is in their nature to be polygamous”

I ought to embrace this, but somehow I find myself constantly rejecting it. (Maybe because I was thinking of you? 😀)

Man was created in God’s image and God did not intend for man to be that way, I believe.

In the vastness of this galaxy, I am still one of those who hope that there are still men out there who defy that “myth”.



  • Who would not give in to peer pressure just to prove their manhood;
  • Who would choose to walk away from temptations, and say no to a naked woman not his wife;
  • Who would desire purity and integrity;
  • Who would value, honor, respect and protect his woman as he would his mom and sister;
  • Who would lead his girl in the Lord and not grieve her.


In this world full of lies and deceit, people say that this picture of an ideal man only exists in fairy tales…

Well, I beg to disagree!

I do say they already exist 😊.

And Blessed are the women who were found by them!


But mine will have to wait until your arrival 😍


Please tell me you’re coming and it won’t take eternity!

I’d probably be dead by then 😁


With all love and a bit of patience 😀,

                                                            KV ❤️

      June 16, 2018


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