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Hey! First off, I’m sorry. Please don’t let this message bother you. I know it won’t naman. But if anything happens, please don’t let this ruin your beautiful relationship with your girlfriend, well, fiance. I don’t want anything in return but let me say this,

I LOVE YOU. For 8 years, I created my “the one” in you. I know it’s kind of crazy. (It is crazy!) But I really want to get this off my chest. Yes! 8 years. Baliw diba? 8 years kong tinago at hindi sinabi sayo. Kahit 99.99% akong sure na walang chance, umasa ako sa 0.01% at nagbabakasakali na lumingon ka sa likod mo at makita mo ako. Napaka-tanga na kahit 0.01% maisip mo na may taong naghihintay sayo, or baka, “baka” lang naman may kaunting chance na mapansin mo din ako.

Call me crazy but loving you in silent made me a better person. I did not entertain guys dahil sa pag-asa ko sayo and because of that, I graduated in college and landed to a perfect job. But sadly, ikaw padin. I thought that I could move on nung nalipat ka ng work and after I graduated. But I was wrong. Ikaw padin. I keep on holding on sa putanginang 0.01 % na yun. I don’t even know kung meron nga ba kahit 0.01% dahil sure naman ako sa sarili ko na 100% talagang walang chance.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I tried my best to fell out of love. I really do! But here I am. Nagpaka-gago. I created this perfect man in you. And I’m really sorry.

I’m just wishing you to be happy although I know na masayang masaya ka. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy na masaya ka. Yes, I love you. But this feeling and pain will only go away if I told you. I am not passing the burden kasi alam ko naman na walang burden to pass and I am sure that this will not ruin your relationship ’cause your love with each other is strong. And I am deeply sure na you are meant to be together.

Again, I love you! Thank you and goodbye.

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