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I miss you whenever I eat, thinking of those days when we would dine in my favorite restaurants
I miss you when I watch horror flicks, thinking of the 1st gory movie we have watched
I miss you when I am at work, remembering those days when we would exchange words of love on Hangouts
It is amazing how I miss you this much, I feel it in my heart, deep in my very soul

I miss you whenever you send an SMS, trying to imagine your beautiful face while composing your message
I miss you when we talk on the phone, hearing your voice makes me smile like no one else can do
I miss you when I see your photos, wishing I was with you in that captured moment
It is incredible how I miss you this much, there’s pain in my heart, why would I lie?

I miss you whenever I go to our favorite places, reminiscing the special memories we have shared
I miss you whenever it rains, I can almost feel your tender kiss and warm embrace
I miss you when the sun shines brightly, it is as bright as your smile, the most charming I have ever seen
It is surprising that I miss you this much, I kept on denying you are special but it is obvious that you really are

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I miss you whenever I am alone, I am just happy that we are under the same blue sky
I miss you when I am busy, how I wish being busy means doing something worthwhile with you, baby
It is a bit saddening that I cannot be with you every single day, but just the mere thought of you, enough to help me survive a demanding day

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