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It was my 23rd birthday
You promised to come
But the night was over
No glimpse of your shadow in the window
No sweet greetings, no text or call
I was drunk happy for nothing
I missed you so much
But my heart was bleeding always
Small talks but we were on fire
I lowered my pride and ate my words
But still it was white and black
You knew inside my head, you were the one
I was still holding on to our commitment
But I was so tired already, fighting alone
Like a lone soldier in the battlefield
You wanted to get rid of me

I accepted your worst side
You said that you loved me forever
But in forever, we could find “over”
I never challenged my doubts and your lies
But I saw a picture of you with someone
Your smile was genuine
But with me, your smile wasn’t real
2:00 AM, I recieved a text message
Worst gift that I received after 23 birthdays
You broke up with me with a shallow reason
Sorry if I wasn’t enough for your desires
5:00 AM at dawn, sunrise will take place later
It should be a symbol of hope
But after messing my birthday

It fells like waking up as good as dead
A birthday scar for my heart
I’m good in loving you seriously
But I’m so bad in letting go
Someone that I loved the most
Maybe soon, I will raise my white flag
I’m too weak to handle an emotional breakdown
Too unwise to deem deeply
I’m too slow in moving on
But for you, it was too fast to replace me.

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