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Every Friday night is special for me. It is like a break from everything and that is how I recharge myself for the another week by receiving God’s help, having intimate and quality time with Him. And most importantly, it’s our Sabbath rest or the day that the Lord has made for rest (sunset to sunset).

But being a person who tend to have late night thoughts often, there are just a lot of things going inside your head and you can’t sleep even if you want to. So I thought praying and giving it all to God might be the solution so I did pray. While praying before going to bed that night, this one just came out from my mouth. And after that, I just found myself literally crying and so emotional while I was typing this on my phone. Because for the nth time, I remembered how God has been good to me especially last year.

I was reminded about how God saves us every single time from everything – our battles, our pains, our sins, our temptations and more. How God is so passionate about saving His sheeps. His people. His beloved children. And there is nothing more important to Him aside from that. What happened last year was my lesson learned. I lost myself while I was saving someone. But by God’s grace and unfailing love, I am found again. I was so lost but God never let me go. God never gave up on me. God never failed me. God never left my side. God saved me! And I’m always thankful for that and to this experience in my life so far. It is just really amazing how God allows things to happen, works in your life but makes you realize things and will do anything to prevent you from hurting yourself even more as His children. It is like God saying “My son, my daughter, this is enough. This is too much. I love you. I care about you. I don’t want you getting hurt. Let me save you from this.”

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And because of that, I’ve also realized how much God wants the humanity or His children to be saved in any possible way He can. He already sacrificed many years ago and He never mind doing it again and again. And now, the only thing that I can say is thank you God for saving me away from that darkness. Without God, I won’t be free from that pain. Without Him, I won’t be able to saved myself too. Because He saved me first. He always did.

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