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i was drowned into my own thoughts
i was drowned into sadness
i was drowned in thinking that i am alone
i am unworthy
i am unloved
i am no one’s favorite
i do not know what to do
i thought i can’t survive it

i went to sleepless nights
silently crying out the pain
i can’t tell it to my family
i can’t even tell it to my friends
i felt really alone
i felt like no one could understand
no one would be a crying shoulder
no one even wants to listen

I’ve let my self to go to darkness
I’ve let my self walk in the wrong path
But, I called Your name
I seeked for Your help
I told You it really hurts
I told You I can’t do it anymore
I told You to take that pain away
I told You I can’t take it anymore

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You listened to me
You healed me
You saved me
You’ve led me to Your light
I found Your love
I realized that I was wrong
I am not alone
I am worthy because of Your love

Thank You
Thank You for the pain
Thank You for the sadness
Thank You for the light
Thank You for carrying me
Thank You for the salvation
Thank You for leading me
Thank You for Your love

If you’re sad, call upon the name of Jesus for He is powerful. Take the process and He will heal you. You just have to surrender everything to Him. You’re not alone. He’s with You. He loves You. Trust Him. Let Him have your life. Seek Him. Trust His process and Pray for yourself go be strong and patient. That pain is the process. Trust it for it will bring you to a faithful life. Let that great pain be your great testimony. Philppians 1:29 says “Your pain has a purpose”.


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