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Today is Valentine’s Day of 2022

I woke up early because its a monday there is a 1hour bus ride to work.

The day before was a sunday routine, we got out. I talked and he listened, we never got on another fight for its the last time.

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As i sigh many times he would ask if i was fine.

As we eat and talk i would stare at his eyes a little longer than i should.

As i ask him to walk with me by the beach, we would walk side by side and i would stop to stare at the vastness of the sea as i see him watch me do that.

As i sleep that night, i know i’ll woke up and let him go.

Today I’m doing my job, going back to my reality.

While typing this, i hold back my tears.

I hold back myself from replying to his messages.

I should’ve hugged him while i can.

I should’ve stare at him a little longer.

Hold his hands if i could.

Maybe take a little more pain to love him still


Life gives us more pain for us to let go

No amount of love can make someone love us back.

It is what is is…

Even if it breaks you.

It is what it is.


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