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Agosto 14, 1940

Ikaw ang aking tinatangi at sa aking pagbabalik pagsasaluhan natin ang pag-ibig na inilaan ng tadhana para sa atin. Hinding-hindi na ako mawawala sayong tabi kailanman. Ikaw ang una’t huli kong mamahalin. 

I was inside my great lola’s room when I saw this old piece of folded paper. “Ang sweet pala ni lolo ápoy dati may pa love letter pa” I told my Lola. My grandma just smile and sat next to me. “It wasn’t from him. It was from your Lola ápoy’s first love. He always find a way to communicate with her and that was the last letter he send to your Lola ápoy. He died during the war, your Lola ápoy waited for him but he never come. Hinintay niya hanggang ang tanging alaala na lang ang pinanghahawakan niya. Ilang taon din yun hanggang sa dumating ang Lolo ápoy mo. He knows that he can’t replace her first love but he waited and pray for it, dahil matamis ang pag-ibig na hinog sa panalangin.” my grandma explained.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

My Lola ápoy lost her first love but true love found her and that was my Lolo ápoy.

Sometime it’s not about who really comes first, but it is who waited. Love will always grow through time, when both are bound with prayers, understanding and patience. Just in a perfect time.

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