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Have you encountered the word utopia or the concept of utopianism? It is a concept on where people believe in or when people are in pursuit of a state in which everything is perfect, typically regarded as unrealistic or idealistic. I myself have imagined or day dreamed about it to happen in my life, why because life is hard, it’s complicated and the moment you thought that the problem is over at last then suddenly a multitude of the comes by and running over your mind once again. But I’m indeed greatful that it was all just a concept and not a reality.

One of the biggest issue that we have as a generation right now is that we try to twist our truth to fit the concept of utopianism. We want our truth to be idealistic, perfect and convenient. Life would be “HAKUNA MATATA” as Simba, Timon and Pumba has said and who doesn’t want that right? A problem free philosophy, but life doesn’t work that way, truth doesn’t always fall on the good sign of the coin.

When truth arrives it doesn’t always give you a tap on the back, it doesn’t give you a hug rather it pushes you to the brim, it shoves you to the edge of a cliff. Truth is painful, it haunts you, it will break you and it will negate your prefect reality you”ve wish you already had. That’s the role of truth in our lives, truth sets us free from the lies of this world, it saves you from your insecurities, it saves you from the cage you’ve locked yourself in. TRUTH CONFRONTS YOU BUT IT SETS YOU FREE.

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Reality may not be as fancy as utopia would seem, but living inside it is much more thrilling than the comfort and perfection we’re searching for. Reality is hard and confronting sometimes, but it’s a proof and evidence that you’re still breathing,thriving and moving. Reality is a daily grind and a molding process, the beauty of which is that it sets you free and opens your eyes to the possibility and hopes of tomorrow that everything will be alright you just have to keep on moving and keep on living.

Our world right now is polluted with lies after lies and what’s sad is that at some point we are lying to our selves too. We try to be somebody in front of social media, in front of the crowd to be recognized. Who you truly are matters more than who they want you to be. Your true identity is much more precious than the fame you are receiving. Know your truth, and that truth is person, that truth has a name and It’s JESUS. He said it in His words “I am the way, the truth and the life” if you want to truly live, if you want to know your real identity, the answer is always His name.

One thing I know is that out of all the lies the enemy had whispered in your heart right now, here I am saying that on the eyes of the Father YOU ARE LOVED, YOU MATTER, YOU ARE WONDERFUL YOU ARE PRECIOUS, YOU ARE VALID and YOU ARE WORTH DYING FOR. God loves you and He want’s you to live free from the lies of this world. Life with Him will never be easy, but it’ll be fulfilling. I hope and pray that we all got to chose Jesus at the end.

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