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Sometimes everything comes unexpectedly, like how you showed up holding that flower which captivated my heart.

We often let our hearts wander and go freely like a leaf dancing in the flowing wind not  knowing where it’ll go.

We often let our feelings overcome our thinking. We always choose to love despite knowing that we are the only one who can offer it.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You came in when I needed someone the most. You’re like a star which brings me light, light to guide and help me in my darkest days.

You’re like a dream, a kind of dream that I dont even wanna wake up anymore. But we all know all dreams has their own ending.

I don’t even know if its a good dream or a bad one because I know when I wake up, reality will slap me hard and knock me out of my senses. All the laughter we shared, all the tears we shed I know its true its just that it is all not for me.

I acted up as the temporary shoulder to lean on. Temporary pillow whom you can hug and cry on. I didn’t think about whatever the outcome is. it is the moments and time we shared which makes me happy, that’s all Ican think of. In the end I will always be your Friend “A” whom you can always call on, Your substitute when you need someone to lean on.

If you are on a field which flower will you pick? of course the most beautiful one!. Now I know why the flower you hold captured my heart. It is beautiful!, beautiful because someone is already taking care of it. Beautiful because somebody owns it.

It is time to face the reality that you are not mine. All those barrowed time we spent together is engraved in my heart. I always thank you for letting me experience moments worth remembering but nevermind you were never mine.

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