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I am amazed about your decision of letting me go in order for you to pursue the most important thing.
You are too brave.
You are decisive.
But on the other’s side, that was too hard.
That decision was too painful.
That gave me pain yet that was the right thing to do.
My heart is crying every time I see you.
It is breaking my heart everytime I think of those plans and promises we’ve made.
Those things are now uncertain.
Those things are still haunting me.
I held on to those words.
It took me too high.
But, that decision reminds me to go back to what is the real plan in the very beginning.
It reminds me to walk again to the original.
It is a painful open-door yet, slowly, I am walking again.
I am entering back again.
I am gaining back all that I invested.
Thank you for letting me go.
Thank you dearest almost.
I’ve learned so much.

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