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But if one day, Id see you down that very alley we first met
Id just look at those eyes.

Yes. Those very ones I used melt into when it stared me down. The ones that seemed to disappear whenever its happy. And the ones that shed the same tears as mine the moment we knew.

Yes. The very moment we knew that all the years and memories no longer made us cling to each other. That if we continued everything, even those would be replaced by hurt and hatred and pain.
Yes. It was painful. Like you’ve been stabbed a dozen million times–and that even came from someone who hasn’t experienced being stabbed, at least physically. It was painful that even all the happy ones could not cover the leaking acid that’s dripping from both our hearts.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Yes. Hearts that were once filled with love and joy and hope. The heart that used to flutter whenever you flash that smile and those eyes disappear. And also the very heart that broke that very day, and every day after, when you walked out that door.

Yes. That door you used to walk into my life and changed it forever. But also the very door you used to walk away from me. Forever. Guess I should have locked it from the outside so you’d never have to take that road huh?

Yes. The very road we are standing in, as I look at you look at me. And as I looked at those eyes, I see that they’re happy. But no longer sad, or angry or hurt. And I no longer see the years with me in them. Then you smiled, and I smiled too–because that smile no longer makes my heart flutter; I no longer feel butterflies; but I also no longer feel pain. That moment, I knew both our hearts already healed. Of course there’d be scars–but it’ll be ones that can be worn proudly and beautifully.

We stand on the same road now, but are facing different doors. The very road, but now we are heading on different directions.

I know that day would come. But for now, Id allow myself to dream. Yes. Id allow myself to dream.

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