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It has to end. Goodbyes and endings are the most unanticipated ones, yet inevitable. It will sooner or later come. The same goes for relationships. It may be a relationship with friends, loved ones, acquaintances, or anyone. Whether we like it or not, some connections should be ended – burn bridges.
     We cannot force anyone to stay in our lives. We cannot always insist to work it out because we have shared memories, and we don’t want to lose it. We cannot cage them just because we have given them part of us, and we thought that when they leave, they will take away those pieces. Sometimes, it is better to let them go, to get rid of them, and to accept the fact that it will not work out. Rather than exhausting ourselves chasing them. Rather than losing our own identities trying to please them to stay. Rather than meeting their expectations and hinder our potentials to grow.
     Understand that we all have different directions to take, and we can walk on it apart from those people who hold us back. Anything or anyone that affects our mental health and does not let us sleep peacefully at night is not worth fighting for.
Sometimes, letting go is gain.

Words by: Lala Ramirez

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