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Nobody wants to get stuck and be left behind. Everybody wants to live and not just merely exist – to have a life with hope, with vision, with a sense of direction. That is why no matter how painful the situation you are in is, you need to deal with it and move forward; for whether we like it or not, the world will constantly revolve even if you aren’t ready to keep pace with it. The clock won’t stop ticking even if you’re not ready to move forward yet. So whether today afflicts you or not, continually live and don’t get stuck to the has been and had been.

Although moving forward requires a whole lot of effort and determination, you need to do it for yourself. You need to leave behind what belongs to the past or you, too, will be left behind by people who are continually living their lives.

God sublimely divided the time element into three aspects—past, present, and future. Your present will be messed up if you continually dwell in the past. And once your present has toppled down, then your future will be ruined. So move forward! Even if you still need to fake it, just do it. You don’t have any other option but to keep going!Life is beautiful. Choose to look at the brighter side of why things happened. Check yourself: What kind of lens are you using to look at why events took place in your life–lens of positivity or negativity? You have an option.

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When times seem hard, remember that it is an opportunity for your faith and your endurance to grow. You have the greatest love of all that cannot be given by the world, a love that can heal any wound and can erase any scar of life—the Agape love of Jesus. For you to not get stuck, you should have something to look forward to. Remember that you cannot move forward unless you are aware that the future has something for you. So etch in your heart that God has something in store for you. Look forward to it! Keep your eyes on His love and His promises. A greater and better tomorrow awaits you, so move on! Press your way forward with Him as your guide.

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