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This pandemic , the virus spread fear anywhere
But you never know , we have a bigger foe
Not your ex, not your cravings but ourselves.
Yes , no one is safe from this threat

Dear brothers and sisters, I tell you
Vanguards and herd immunity won’t repel this one
Not contagious but all of us are inclined
First, beaware and understand the mental health

Depression is a silent serial killer
Tell me where could I run from the voices in my head
Tell me when could I stop the tears in my eyes
Tell me what could I do to be belonged

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Overthinking, hiding and pretending
Strong outside but so fragile inside
Smiling to hinder the regrets and tears
Running away from struggles and past

The boat is sinking , time to anchor to the Unknown
Go back to the source and know who you are
Have a brave heart to save yourself
Remember, you’re not a mistake and failure

The world might be so harsh and unfair
But in every darkness, there’s light and hope.
Your journey won’t stop,unleash your battle cry.
Two choices: to suffer more or to rise up from fall

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