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Life is filled with struggles to overcome
There’s nothing to be afraid off
Move forward to see the outcome
Follow your heart and not the thread

Living in the world of uncertainly
Same as stepping in a road
Full of questions and temporaries
Revoke from anxieties, your path is broad

Sometimes you think positive
But a doleful result makes it negative
Woes are black and white moments
Every defeat is not a reason to lament

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

To make tertiary colors
You need to combine primary and secondary colors
So try to make your heart and mind
Work together with conscience

You will delineate your destiny
From an empty canvass to a beautiful painting.
Break the chain to unleash your best
Be brave and have courage

Your surroundings will give you a branding
It might be depressing
But don’t run and stop hiding
Remember, your life will be more challenging

It will be like an uphill assault trail
Those who possess strong will and heart will prevail
In the vast oceans, you must sail
Follow the current and entail

Ruminate not to imagine
Raging battle cry instead of white flag
Failure is a temporary foe and pain
Continue to battle, one day you will be victorious

Dreams are not to catch
It should be something to vie
And it shouldn’t die
Fear is one of the worst enemy

Thy sky is too wide to soar
The jungle is too vast to roar
You have something more in your sleeves
Soon you will see a bright future ahead

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