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It’s kind of basic question,

How can someone tell when a person is in love?

Some might say,
It’s having or feeling-these butterflies on stomach.
Or the Cloud 9 feeling when that person is just around
Oh! How about when Dopamine kicks?
and feeling that everything else in your life might feel incredibly weird and fantastic.

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But how about this side of indicator?

Maybe, if you’re going to ask me?
How can i tell when a person is in love?

It’s the scary feeling to lose yourself in process again.
It’s the feeling that you wanna risk but cannot afford.
It’s the traumas that’s still holds and hunts you.
It’s the frightening feeling that maybe, right after giving a part of yourself.
you’ll just end up receiving shit and ended up with nothing again.,

Always remember that. It’s takes a real man to pursue you with his clear and pure intentions. Everything in the right place, in the right time. Everything in his time

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