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What should I have done?
What should I have said?
There are all these thoughts
Running through my head

The fears, the tragedies
Those dark-lit nights
The love, the hate
Those dreaded fights

The scars, the bruises
The emotional pain
I sit and ask
What did I gain?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Was it worth it?
Was it fair?
Was it love?
Did you even care?

Should I have sat?
Should I have listened?
If it wasn’t love
Would my eyes have glistened?

As it is a deadly sin
One of seven that can truly hide
It can mask, it can lie
It can fake what I feel inside

Should I be sorry?
Should I be sad?
Should I be angry?
Should I be glad?

I might still miss you
You being around
But I want to say thank you
For the true me I have found

I should be grateful
Of what I earned
No regrets
Just lessons learned

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